Warehouse Productions

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1 Challenge The four-night Warehouse Productions celebration has been a tradition at Republican conventions since 1996. We needed to create a theme, design all the promotions and invitations, help manage the event—which was held in Tampa, FL—and ensure that the credentials had a high level of security due to the high level attendees.

2 Our Approach We created the theme “Truly Legendary,” and brought it to life with a visual identity, promotion design, disruptive media, social media initiatives and sponsor gifts. To ensure security, credentials (both VIP and regular admission) were created using foil paper that turned black if scanned or copied. And, we were “boots on the ground” during the entire event, which took place in two historic properties that were totally renovated based on our theme.

3 Results The event itself became legendary, drawing as many as 1,200 attendees for a single evening.

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