President’s Council on Fitness, Sports & Nutrition

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1 Challenge President’s Council on Fitness, Sports & Nutrition (PCFSN) wanted to show parents and caregivers for children that being physically active can lead to better academic performance.

2 Our Approach Using research that shows the link between physical activity and increased academic performance, we let parents and caregivers know that physical activity not only helps kids stay healthy, it also improves academic performance by enhancing important skills such as concentration and problem solving. PCFSN co-chairs Drew Brees, NFL quarterback, and Dominique Dawes, three-time Olympic gymnast, were the perfect celebrities to drive home this point.

3 Results Since the campaign launch in September 2012, the PSA placements have had an equivalent ad value of more than $7.9 million. The broadcast has aired over 33 thousand times with 50,910 total placements across all mediums. And there have been over 279.6 million impressions. 

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