US Office of Veterans Affairs: Faces of TBI

Between the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, many American Servicemembers have deployed multiple times, increasing the likelihood that they will experience a blast-related injury. Tragically, many now face potentially devastating medical conditions like traumatic brain injury (TBI).

The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) enlisted Ogilvy Washington to help tell the story of Servicemembers’ lives who were changed by TBI, and to promote VA’s commitment to helping Veterans and their families return to their lives. Ogilvy Washington created a television PSA and a documentary to tell the stories of Servicemembers affected by TBI, and display VA’s world-class continuum of unrivaled care in the civilian sector.

The television PSA “Faces of TBI” tells the story of three Servicemembers, all suffering from varying degrees of TBI. The PSA highlights their triumphs and tears throughout rehabilitation, and demonstrates that VA is there to lend support and provide top quality care for their injuries. The metrics for this moving campaign allude to the power of its message. The campaign was distributed to 200 targeted broadcast and cable systems, with a focus on markets with Polytrauma Rehabilitation Centers and Network Sites. The PSAs aired more than 6,600 times on 76 stations throughout the country and resulted in over 340 million total audience impressions and a media value of almost $3.5 million.

The documentary  “From Surviving to Thriving” stresses the importance of veterans and Servicemembers getting screened for TBI, and promotes VA’s state-of-the-art Polytrauma System of Care that is available for Veterans undergoing rehabilitation for TBI. The documentary shows that recovery from TBI involves hope, fear, courage, and the support of many.