HHS Adult Obesity TV

1 Challenge The abundance of messages, materials, and initiatives to address the obesity epidemic can leave consumers feeling overwhelmed, confused, and in many cases unmotivated. The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services tasked us with covering new territory by uniquely drawing attention to the personal risk of being overweight or obese and aid adults in self-identifying as being at-risk for obesity.

2 Our Approach We used sandbags to instantly add ten pounds to real people we found in a park. Everyone felt the extra weight. It hurt their joints. It made them tired. It was far heavier than they imagined. And, it was a powerful wake-up call to them, and the viewers of our TV and radio PSAs, about the risks of weight gain.

3 Results Since the campaign launch in September 2012, the PSA placements have had an equivalent ad value of over $12.6 million. The campaign has garnered more than 75 thousand placements. And there have been over 437.9 million impressions.